History-Timeline (according to all Records)


Before 1894- Fred Taylor lived on 80 acres with his family and has never moved off land. Fred paid rent to Rail Road before government purchased the property. 

1894- Executive Order for the use of landless Indians of California – Two 80 acre tracts were purchased. Indians using this land, and any landless Indian of California, were eligible to apply for an assignment, but did not acquire any priority title rights by reason of use. 

1904- Rose Brooks and Kate Brooks aka Kate Archuleta went to live with Fred Taylor on his 80 acre tract. Rose Brooks’ husband passed away and she married Fred Taylor. Kate Archuleta was shipped off to Indian school in Nevada. 

1916- Robert and Ina Jackson got married. 

1917 to 1939- McCauley and Mullens family lived on one of the 80 acre tracts (now Robert and Ina Jackson land) but at the time they lived there according to BIA had no title rights. When they left rancheria it was legally available for assignment to any landless Indian of California. Mr. Robert Jackson and Wife Ina Jackson Moved on land and has been there since 1939 and allowed for reassignment to them. 

Census Roll of the Indians of California Under the Act of May 18, 1928 

Robert and Ina Jackson and other Native Americans in the area registered on rolls.  

Ina Jackson 8982-6997 Mooretown Rancheria Plan ½ Degree of Indian Blood

1939- Ina and Robert Jackson move on to Tract No. 1 Mooretown Plan and were reassigned the 80 acre tract that Mullen’s had moved off of. This land was still under control by Government and title could not be taken and was open for any landless Indians to live on. In 1957 is when government allowed for title on land that the current Indians that lived on land could file.  

1948- Contact BIA to secure Trust Patent on behalf of Robert and Ina Jackson. 

1948-1958- Fred Taylor, Robert Jackson, Ina Jackson and Kate Archuleta all sent letters to BIA to try and secure title but was told that the land was not available for title and in order to get this completed Mooretown would have to be placed on the H.R. Bill 2824.  

August 19, 1957- H.R. 2824 passsed by the House provides for a method of distributing the lands on the listed rancheria among the occupants. H.R. 8072 bill was going to group the rancherias listed. H.R. 2824. Congressman Engle was requesting on behalf of Jackson to get Mooretown on Bill as it would make it easier for Jackson and his wife to secure a clear fee simple title to land. This new law allowed government to give title to the land to the Indians having a use right on the day the law was passed. 

April 9, 1958 Letter from Area Director Leonard Hill- Letter shows Ina Jackson was living on property for 18 years and she and Robert Jackson were receiving Old Age Security Payments from Butte County Welfare Department. This letter was to Legislative Associate Commisoners as Mooretown was to be added to H.R. 2824 Bill.

Law 85-671 Aug. 18, 1958 (72 Stat. 619)

To provide for the distribution of the land and assets of certain Indian rancherias and reservations in California, and for other purposes. Mooretown was added to final bill. 

Code of Federal Regulations Title 25- Indians Part 242 – California Rancherias and Reservations-Distribution of Assets

Authority: 242.1 to 242.10 issued under sec. 12 of the Act of August 18, 1958 (72 Stat. 619). 

Source: 242.1 to 242.10 appear at 24 F.R. 4653, June 9, 1959 

242.1 Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this part is to provide policies and procedures governing the distribution of the assets of the following rancherias and reservations in the State of California:….Mooretown……..

242.2 Definitions

(b) “Distributee” means any Indian who is entitled to receive, under a plan prepared pursuant to section 2 of the Act of August 18, 1958 (72 Stat. 619), any assets of a rancheria or reservation.

(c) “Dependent members”, as used in the phrase “dependent members of their immediate families’, includes all persons for whose support the distributee is legally liable according to the laws of the State of California and who are related by blood or adoption or by marriage, including common law or customary marriage, who are domiciled in the household of the distributee, and who receive more than one-half of their support from such distributee. 

242.10 Proclamation

When the provisions of a plan have been carried out to the satisfaction of the Secretary, he shall publish in the FEDERAL REGISTER a proclamation declaring that the special relationship of the United States to the rancheria or reservation and to the distributees and the dependent members of their immediate families is terminated. The proclamation shall list the names of the distributees and dependent members of their immediate families who are no longer entitled to any services performed by the United States for Indians because of their status as Indians. 

September 15, 1958 Letter from Bob and Ina Jackson to BIA requesting on behalf of both for clear fee simple title to the land they both occupy. At this time letter states they had lived on land for 19 years and as early as 1948 they both (we) contacted BIA to secure a trust patent. Former Area Director Walter Wochlke, gave them (us) the right to make improvements, and assured them they would be safe. 

March 15, 1959 Letter from Bob and Ina Jackson to BIA- Again requesting on behalf of both for clear fee simple title to the land they both (we) occupy. 

March 31, 1959 letter from BIA Commissioner Homer B. Jenkins states “We know that you and your wife are concerned over the distribution of the assets of the Mooretown Rancheria. Let us reassure you that you will not lose any of the investments you have made on this land.” In closing he states “We want to assure you and your wife again that your interest at Mooretown will be protected.”

July 21, 1959 Distribution of Mooretown Rancheria was written showing Ina Jackson as distributee with Robert Jackson as they shared in distribution. Divided of funds that were deposited in the U.S. Treasury to the credit of the Mooretown Rancheria list Robert Jackson. Robert and Ina Jackson did not have separate accounts as it was 50/50 and Robert Jackson at that time was considered the Head of Household as he was the man. Shows that the names listed are Distributees and dependent members of their immediate families who will receive title to individual lots and a share of the funds.. Shows Ina Jackson as she was not considered a dependent per CFR Title 25-Indians Section 242.2. This Distribution also states that the posting of this plan will be placed in post office at Feather Falls, Butte County, California and to mail a copy to the head of each individual family participating in this plan. 

Also on distribution was Fred Taylor and Kate Archuleta. 

Final approval of plan is October 29, 1959 

September 18, 1959 Letter from Area Director Guy Robertson states “From the few facts available it appears that Robert Jackson and his wife (Ina Jackson) have resided continuously on Tract NO. 1 of the Mooretown Rancheria since about 1939 or 1940 and that they, with their children, have been the only persons to reside on and use the rancheria during that period. This letter was denying the Mullen’s appeal on the distribution as they did not live on land at the time of H.R. Bill 2824 passed.  

Field Note from BIA: Shows Robert and Ina Jackson reside on Tract No. 1 and that they both receive old age security payments from the Butte County Welfare Department. Also show son January 9, 1958 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson asked that they be given title to the property they occupy by letter addressed to Congressman Clair Engle. 

August 1, 1961 Federal Register Section 6875 by Stewart L. Udall Secretary of the Interior July 26, 1961 F.R. Doc 61-7203 

Robert Jackson

List Ina Jackson as Distributee 

Kate Archuleta 

Fred Taylor

1979- Tilley Hardwick Case (Hardwick v. U.S, NO C-79-1710 SW.) 

Indian residents from the Rancheria joined Indians from other California Rancherias in a class action lawsuit to RESTORE the reservation status of their land, asserting that their trust relationship had been illegally terminated under the Rancheria Act of 1958. 

1986 - Tilley Hardwick amended their complaint to add the other rancherias. 

1983- Tilley Hardwick Case settled and in 1987 Mooretown was restored. 

1. Class members of the seventeen Rancherias were Indians under the laws of the US and shall be restored and confirmed. This meant Robert Jackson, Ina Jackson, Fred Taylor and Kate Archuleta’s Land Rights and distribution were restored. 

2. Interior shall recognize the Indians, Tribe, Bands, and Communities or groups for the seventeen Rancherias as Indian entitles with the SAME status as they possessed prior to distribution of assets of these Rancherias. As well as became federally recognized. 

1988- Mooretown establishes a Tribal Government to comply with BIA’s rules. 

Tribe completes tribal constitution 1988 showing Section 1. Membership in the Mooretown Rancheria shall consist of all persons living on the effective date of the constitution who were listed as distributees and dependent members of their immediate families in the Plan for Distribution of the Assets of the Mooretown Rancheria. Also that Persons who are lineal descendants of the individuals in section 1 are also members. 

1992- Mooretown Rancheria edits Tribal Constitution -to create and manage the Council and Committees. 

February 26, 1993- Solicitor Office recognize that Ina Jackson was the only person according to BIA records to have restored membership of California Rancheria and that Mooretown had 745 enrolled members but directory submitted only showed 225 with an additions 200 adjacent to it. Also states that the 1961 Notice of Termination of Federal Supervision over several California Rancherias lists only four members of the Mooretown Rancheria, all of who were elderly. 

February 18, 1994 from Law office Rapport and Martson shows explanation of Mooretown Membership with current Tribal Constitution that states Article II of the Constitution for Membership, 1. Distributees and dependent members are listed in the distribution plan for the Mooretown Rancheria prepared by the BIA when the Rancheria was terminated. Lineal members shall consist of the following: Individuals who are direct lineal descendants of Kate Archuleta, Fred Taylor, Robert Jackson and Ina Jackson, who were listed as distributees in the Plan of Distribution of Assets of the Mooretown Rancheria as recorded in the Federal Register dated August 1, 1961. 

January 2, 1999- Mooretown Rancheria makes changes to Tribal Constitution- Individuals who are direct lineal descendants of Kate Archuleta, Fred Taylor, Robert Jackson and Ina Jackson, who were listed as distributees in the Plan for Distribution of the Assets of the Mooretown Rancheria as recorded in the Federal Register dated August 1, 1961.

January 2005 Mooretown Council hired a Genealogist ( Grabowski and Associates) to only complete a report on Ina Jackson and to see if Ina Jackson was a distributee. Going into this, the genealogist was set out to try and discredited Ina Jackson as a distributee. She used limited documents to steer the direction of her only being a wife and not using the full Mooretown Rancheria BIA documents that shows all records of process and who Ina Jackson was. Grabowski and Associates did not provided complete documentation but only ones that would show Ina had no rights. If Grabowski and Associates had furnished all records and reviewed all documents as well as reached out to BIA she would have found that Ina Jackson was a distributee.  This violated Article XII- Duties of Officers Section 6: Nepotism (c) No Officer or other member of the Tribal Council shall participate in or attempt to influence a decision of the Tribal Council that will have a direct effect on an immediate family member other than a decision that affects the family member in the same way as all other members of the Tribe. So for Gary Archuleta and other Tribal Council members to only request this for Ina Jackson and not all families was in violation of our Constitution. 

April 2005- Tribe does not allow Ina Jackson kids by Martin to Vote or to be heard and are reclassified as Adoptees based off of a false report by Grabowski and Associates. This also is a violation of our Tribal Constitution 1999 where Article VII- Powers of the Governing Council of Mooretown Rancheria Section 1 (g) …The only way a lineal member can be terminated is if he or she relinquishes their rights on his or her own. 

2005-2018- Over the Years Ina Jackson kids of Martin have been trying to prove that Ina Jackson was just as much as a distributee as Robert Jackson. All fell on deaf ears with Gary Archuleta and the tribal council at that time. When Gary Archuleta was given the 2nd genealogy report he stated that it was false and was only created to make Ina Jackson as a distributee and could not take it for face value. 

2018- Fast Forward after all request to BIA and Federal Government it has always fell on deaf ears. It has now been found after FOIA request and gathering all documents that all proof shows that Ina Jackson is a distributee. The final decision is in the hands of the BIA as they are the ones who wrote the Contracts and Agreements and only they can truly state what Ina Jackson’s status was. No one else can provide opinions on federal documents on what they think people thought of. It is in Black and White.