Tribal Government

Tribal Chairman- Benjamin Clark

Benjamin Clark was voted in as Tribal Chairman and  took over from Tribal Chariman Gary Archuleta. Gary Archuleta is the one who requested only the family of Ina Jackson to have a genealogy report done and was a fraudulent genealogy report. When Ina Jackson's family wanted to contest the genealogy report with another one, Mr. Archuleta declined. They used a third party person that was not representing BIA and who used her opinion and not facts. 

Gary Archuleta is also from the adopted daughter Kate Brooks Archuleta. 

 Things that need to be reviewed and changed:

1. Reclassify  Ina Martin-Jackson's family back to Lineal Members as Ina Jackson is a distributee of the 1958 Distribution of Assets of Mooretown. 

2. Review Kate Archuleta BIA documents and the Rancheria Act of 1958 as it states distribution was to those Indians that lived on land at the time of Act passed. As there is documentation showing she was not living on land, did not work on land, and lived in neighboring town. Kate's only claim to land is she was Step Daughter to Fred Taylor.

3. Correct  the Tribal Constitution and placing Ina Jackson back on as a distributee as this was only changed in error due to a 3rd party person paid by tribe that used her opinion and not facts. 

 Oath of Office:

I, ___________________, do solemnly swear that I will uphold the Constitution and Laws of the Mooretown Rancheria, that I will serve the tribe to the best of my ability, that I will work for the entire membership of the tribe, that I will responsibly represent the tribe, that I will carry out the directions of the Tribal Council, that I will declare when a conflict of interest could affect the performance of my duties on behalf of the tribe, and that I will perform all duties required of me by the Constitution and Laws of the Tribe. 

Tribal Council

Kenneth Clark Jr.- Vice Chairman

Ruben Arista - Treasurer 

Eric Hatcher- Tribal Council Secretary

Kayla Lobo- Council Member 

Guy Taylor- Council Member 

Jennifer Simpson- Council Member